​​Satsang with Ananta​

How does one write about nothing?
What is it one could say?
How can one get from here to there?
When something is in the way

 The something wants the nothing
And it grasps for the unknown
But, the way to get to nowhere
Is a path that can’t be shown

 I wish these words could take you
To the silence from which they came
But, as words they’ve turned to something
So, there is nothing you can gain

 If you keep on using something

To find nothing, you can’t win
Because the winners and the losers
Are all something once again

I want to offer something for

Your journey to the end
But, when what you seek is nothing
Mr. Something ain’t your friend

But, if you can remember that
You’re not as you appear
Then perhaps you’ll rest inside yourself
And face your deepest fear

 For if nothing is what you came from
Then nothing is what you must be
And there isn’t any reason
To have something like a “me”

 When you return from where you came
It is nothing you will find
So, it’s nothing that is everything
And this casts out the mind


Your Mess

 Is it worth the price you pay
For leaving God behind?
To feel so isolated
And alone Inside your mind

You bear your sorrow nobly
And you think it worth the cost
For if you were to lose yourself
Then everything is lost

 You value your sweet freedom
Even though it’s God who rules
You like to think you’re in control
But, God is going to choose

 So, look at it again my friend
Has life really gone your way?
If things had gone the way you want
What would they be like today?

 The proof is in the pudding
And your pudding’s pretty thin
Please don’t try to tell me that
You chose the mess your in

 You suffer oh so needlessly
You struggle all the time
For when you stop you’ll surely see
That God makes up your mind



Super Glue

It cannot be altered
It cannot be moved
It is the glue that
bonds things together

It bonds you to me
And it bonds me to you
It makes us both
One and the same

Though, things seem to happen
To you and to me
That’s because we see
With our eyes closed

Behind all the shadows
The who that we are
Is one


The Mind

The mind has set a trap for you
The mind thinks it can win
The mind has got a trick or two
It plays them with a grin

The mind thinks it is rational
But logic it defies
The mind is very cagey
Because it’s full of lies

The mind looks for opportunities
If you’re passive it will lead
The mind wants all the power
The mind wants to succeed

The mind claims to be emperor
Then establishes self rule
The mind plays for the attention

It plays you for a fool

The mind just loves to think
That it is getting its own way
When the mind thinks it has power
It bunkers down to stay

The mind protects its secrets
Its charade is rarely seen
Its easy to distort the truth
When you live inside a dream

The mind just wants to think
That its pack of lies are true
The mind thinks if it has control
It could become the you

So, the mind makes itself a subject
And he names his subject; Fred
Then it works to keep Fred busy
Until the body’s dead

The mind thinks it is somebody
But none of this is true
The mind is an impostor
Who has disguised itself as you