​​Satsang with Ananta​

Ananta's sadhana began in 1976 when he met Baba Muktananda.   Subsequently, he spent many years with Baba  and Gurumayi in their ashrams until meeting Ramesh Balsekar with whom he had a very close and long association.   Ananta likes to say that Ramesh finished the job Baba had started.  In 1997, 21 years after it had started Ananta's sadhana ended.  Not with fireworks, but with an overwhelming calm of having come to peace with himself.  He learned early on not to speak of the enlightenment and  kept it to himself for the most part for more than a decade.

One day at his puja Ananta heard Baba say "You have been given a gift and it's time to pass it along".  For more than 10 years he had been giving talks in Tucson, AZ.  In October, 2021 Ananta suspended the talks due to dwindling support.

His teaching is avaliable here and on YouTube.