​​Satsang with Ananta​


I have no beginning,
I am without end.
I am your enemy,
Lover and friend.

To you I am nothing,
For I'm always the same.
My nature is timeless,
I Am - without name.

​You can see me as God,
You can see me as less.
But nothing describes me,
Not even your best.

For you cannot know me,
'Tis I that know you.
Though I'm there in your words,
What you think say and do.

There is no thing and no one
That differs from me.
I'm your worst, I'm your best,
I'm enslaved and I'm free.

For nothing escapes me,
Nobody can.
Because nothing exists
That is not who I am.

I'm hiding, I'm seeking,
All knowing, confused.
I'm giving, I'm taking,
I'm loved and abused.

Life is a dance
Through my infinite forms.
I am all, I am nothing,
I'm the calm and the storms.

Though you try hard to see me,
You miss my disguise.
For it's I that is seeking
Myself through your eyes.

I'm looking, I'm watching,
I'm doing it all.
I'm the fulfillment of dreams
And their shattering fall.

​To you I seem something
so great and so true.
But I'll tell you a secret:

​"Tis I that is you.

Copyright © 1997 by Ed (Ananta) Nathanson